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A piece was published yesterday about a chef. In Chicago, it’s a fairly common occurrence and with the rise of the “rock star” chef, I’m guessing it’s as equally commonplace in other large cities.

I love food. I love the act of dining, both in places of elegance and spilled beer. I’ve gotten to know a few chefs in my time and some are total fucking idiots, with grandiose opinions of themselves and others are heads down, introspective powerhouses. They’re all a little bit insane; perks of the job I guess.

Lately I’ve found myself discussing with friends how I wish that 2013 would mark the banishment of the chef as a “personality”.

What I realized is that I think I’d also like to see the banishment of this in other areas.

I want to meet more people who are likeable for who they are. Not how loudly they say things. Not for who they think they know or how many things they’ve accomplished.

The more I meditate on this theory, the more I see it in my daily life.

The quiet, strong workhorse of a defenseman on a hockey team. The classmate who just wants something different in their life and puts everything they’ve got into learning new skills. The colleague who is constantly contributing, even though it’s “not their job” and the people who would never dream of thinking, “well, I’m a [certain thing] so, I obviously deserve this.”

You don’t deserve shit.

At the end of the day, who you know might get in you in doors, but what you do is what keeps you there. How you do it is what gets you to the top.

Stop telling me how good you are and show it. Prove it. Put your money where your mouth is. Strive to be better, not just sound better.

Shut the fuck up and cook.

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